Barcode Asset Tracking Software (Update 2023)

Barcode Asset Tracking Software (Update 2023): Barcode asset tracking is the process of using barcode technology to track and manage assets. This involves assigning a unique barcode label to each asset and scanning it with a barcode scanner to collect data about the asset, such as its location, condition, and status.

Barcode asset tracking allows organizations to more efficiently and accurately manage their assets by providing real-time visibility into asset location and status, reducing the risk of loss or theft, improving inventory management, and increasing productivity.

What is Barcode asset tracking software?

Barcode asset tracking software is a type of software system designed to manage and track assets using barcode technology. It enables users to create and print barcode labels, scan them with a barcode scanner, and store and retrieve data about the assets in a database or software system.

Barcode asset tracking software typically includes features such as asset tracking and management, inventory management, maintenance scheduling, asset utilization tracking, reporting and analytics, and integration with other systems such as accounting, purchasing, and maintenance management.

The software can be used in a variety of industries and settings, such as manufacturing, healthcare, education, government, and retail. It can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud and can be accessed via desktop or mobile devices.


What are the Examples of Assets to Track by Barcode Technology?

Barcode Asset Tracking Software

The barcode label typically contains a series of vertical bars and spaces of varying widths that represent a specific code, which is associated with a particular asset. When the barcode is scanned, the code is read by the scanner and decoded into information about the asset, which can then be recorded in a software system.

Barcode asset tracking can be used to track various types of assets in different industries. Following are some examples of assets that can be tracked using barcode technology.

Inventory items

Barcode technology It enables businesses to accurately monitor their stock levels, allowing them to adjust orders and restock as needed. By utilizing barcode technology, companies can easily track inventory items such as raw materials, finished products, and supplies in order to remain organized and efficient.

Fixed assets

Using barcode systems, businesses can easily track fixed assets such as machinery, equipment, and vehicles. This enables them to monitor maintenance schedules, track usage, and manage inventory more efficiently.


Barcode technology can be used to track the status and location of contracts, invoices, and other legal documents. This allows organizations to keep track of these documents without having to manually search through filing cabinets or storage systems.

Library books

Barcode technology provides an effective way to keep track of library books and other materials. It enables libraries to easily monitor circulation, usage and ensure that items are returned timely. Furthermore, the use of barcodes eliminates manual tracking systems which are often time consuming and prone to errors.

Retail products

Barcode technology can be used to track products such as clothing, electronics, and groceries, thus allowing retailers to manage inventory levels and monitor sales more effectively. Additionally, barcode technology facilitates faster checkout times, helping to increase customer satisfaction and ensuring a smoother shopping experience for customers.

By tracking these using barcode asset tracking software, organizations can improve their asset management processes, reduce the risk of loss or theft, and increase efficiency.

Top 5 Barcode Asset Tracking Software in 2023

This list of top five barcode asset tracking software providers in 2023 is made by the research team of Tech Turf. We do not claim it to be accurate, the companies in this list can be vary according to time. following are the top 5 Barcode software provider companies in 2023.

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